Business Email Appending

Email communication offers many benefits including lower communications costs and higher response rates. But the time and effort required to capture email addresses can seem daunting. In just a few weeks, though, an organization can substantially increase – even double – its number of valid email addresses using an email appending service.

How It Works

We maintain current address information for all records in our Email Append Database. Through our proprietary software, we have a database of virtually everyone’s previous address history. We have appended these previous addresses to many of the records in our Email Append Database.

What This Means To You?

Since we have the current address, as well as all previous addresses for the individuals in our database, we are able to increase the likelihood that we can append a particular email address to your file, even if the address you have in your records is outdated.


We have a 50-member data email append team who works on matching the contact with email address and also makes sure that it’s a deliverable email address

The file is matched against various databases we host and when a match is found, the email address is added to the client’s file.

At the completion of the email appending process, the enhanced file returned to the client. The eMail addresses that are appended were those matched and are successfully deliverable.

During the data collection process, subscribers voluntarily disclose their personal information, and have access to view a privacy policy stating that their information could be shared with third parties that have “customer relationships” with the individual.

As people move, it can be easy to lose touch with your customers. Utilizing our Extended Address Verification, we can still enhance records that have outdated postal addresses with a current email address!

B2B Email Append rate 35%-95%

B2C Email Append rate 5%-45%

Ecoa Technology

We take your database to the next level

Electronic Change of Email Address (ecoa) solutions updates the undeliverable e-mail addresses with a new e-mail address in customer and prospect files. Our patented ecoa(Email Change of Address) services will help you keep your list fresh and up-to-date.

  • Avoid your email lists from getting corrupted in the first place and recover lost sales
  • Stop wasting money and resources emailing bad addresses.
  • Save significant customer feedback and service costs by preventing bogus, prank, and malicious email addresses from getting on your list

Why Our Ecoa?

  • We have freshened over 1,000 email lists to date.
  • Our ecoa utilizes the Internet’s largest permission-based linked directory of old and new email addresses.
  • Next business week turnaround.
  • All ecoa results guaranteed
  • Knowledgebase constantly tested and validated on millions of addresses weekly .

We take your email list cleanup to the next level. Previously, list owners were forced to use software products that threw out bad addresses according to static algorithms. We offer a next-generation heuristic process that brings these dead addresses back to life. Using our proprietary technology and constantly updated knowledgebase, our email list hygiene and correction process will help you identify, clean, and update the majority of invalid email addresses in your files, including:

  • Common email address typos (e.g. tom@yahoodotcom or
  • Incorrectly formatted email addresses (e.g. “tom@”).
  • Top level domain errors (e.g. tom@aol.comm or
  • “Dead” domain names (e.g.
  • Bogus, prank or malicious email addresses (e.g. or

In addition, our ecoa(Email Change of Address) will update your list with the current email addresses of your customers, further increasing your customer retention rates while decreasing your customer acquisition costs.

Sign up now and you can have your results the very next business week. Reconnect with thousands of your customers today before your competitors have a chance to find them. Our ecoa(Email Change of Address) services will help you keep your list fresh and up-to-date.

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