Fax Appending

Fax appending as the name suggests is the process of appending current fax numbers by matching with our opt-in database and giving the most updated matches.

This is a unique service from EventGain, as we understand the importance of prospecting the client with a multi-channel approach, not leaving any channel behind. This way we allow our clients to leverage all possible channels of communication giving them a very high ROI. In cases where you have obtained written permission from your clients to send fax messages; this is an excellent service for updating your business database with fax numbers.

The Business fax database is maintained by an annual survey of each establishment to provide the most current and accurate information. Fax numbers are appended to your existing list of business names with delivery addresses. When you upload your file to us we will match your input records based on Company name and address criteria to one of the most comprehensive business files available in the industry. We will provide back in the output file current facsimile numbers.