Email Campaign Service & Email Campaign Advertising – UK, USA

Email Campaign Services provides marketers with an account team to efficiently execute your online direct marketing programs and dramatically increase revenue earned from your existing customer base and significantly boost customer loyalty. Based upon your guidance, the Campaign Services team targets, tests and executes email marketing campaigns utilizing our email tracker hosted application, while you maintain control and visibility over the entire process.

Relevant Targeting: The Key To Success

The key to the tremendous success of our Campaign Services solution lies in our ability to help you effectively segment your customer base and deliver highly relevant, targeted messages to those segments.

Datanomic Solutions LLC’s Clients Get Results

  • 20% lift in click-through rate (CTR) for a major online luxury retailer
  • 40% lift in revenue per email send and 25% list in CTR for a leading online wine retailer
  • An average 36% lift in ROI for business-to-consumer clients
  • An average 19% lift in ROI for business-to-business clients

Gain Insight With Every Message

With every message we send, you’ll learn more about what motivates your customers and influences their behavior. We help you create and manage a marketing datamart that contains information about your customers from a variety of online and offline sources, including email response histories, demographic data, purchase histories, call center logs and more.

Through our proprietary analytics application, we enable you to analyze this data to identify meaningful customer segments and use the results to generate highly targeted messages that will drive your customers to take action. This knowledge can also be applied to other areas of your business to boost the ROI across your entire marketing mix.