Data Cleansing

Deficiencies in the quality of information are considered one of the most pressing problems in enterprise wide operations. Recent studies reveal that 20% of all data is of insufficient quality impeding the associated business processes. Common problems of dirty or incomplete data are wrong entries caused by typos, incompatible variable domains, missing entries as well as the absence of enterprise wide coding conventions or international standards. Data cleansing comprises a number of methods that address the analysis and cleansing of inconsistent data in order to achieve a homogenous and complete data pool.

Organizations need a solution that can simplify the process of cleaning, standardizing and validating data and integrate this process into the broader data integration effort. With such a solution provided at Datanomic Solutions LLC, developer productivity is maximized as the need for data reconciling decreases along with data integration costs.

The act of detecting and removing and/or correcting database’s dirty data (data that is incorrect, out of date, redundant, incomplete or formatted incorrectly) is one of Datanomic Solutions LLC’s core competencies. The goal of data cleansing is just not to clean up the data in a database, but also to bring consistency to different sets of data that have been merged from separate databases. Sophisticated software applications and processes at Datanomic Solutions LLC are available to clean a database’s data using algorithms, rules and look up tables, a task that was once done manually and therefore still subject to human error.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Allows You To Clean Your Data By:

  • Quickly removing duplications (names, addresses, emails, etc)
  • Correcting invalid Email Addresses.
  • Removing unwanted errors – Obsolete email addresses, typos, etc.
  • Identifying missing data, ideal for fully populating name and address details

By Data Cleansing, Datanomic Solutions LLC Improves Your Business By:

  • Increasing business efficiency through more accurate and complete data.
  • Increasing office productivity and reducing costs by eliminating duplications.
  • Reducing dependency on IT staff.
  • Improving company image with clean, correct and standardized name and address details.
  • Preventing bouncing emails with more accurate email addresses.