Email Marketing

Datanomic Solutions LLC Email Marketing is a distinctive amalgamation of ingredients of a successful event. Email is no longer a correspondence monolog of unsolicited information but a savvy means of interactively collecting information in the form of surveys.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Opt In Email lists will facilitate and convey the necessary pre-event messages to announce the event and solicited registrations. This will ensure that your solicitations are targeted at the industry vertical, business size and executive level that is most suited per your marketing requirements.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Email Appending empowers you to contact persons in your existing database for whom you do not have the up-to-date email contact information. We have a proven track record of 50% to 90% accurate email appending. As a converse modus operandi we could also reverse append your existing data base where we would provide.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Pre-Event mailers include sending a regret email in the event of cancellation to build a pipelined for the next possible event and also collect feedback to analyze the reasons and the patterns behind the cancellations for future events.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Post-Event mailers collect immediate and fresh feedback on the usefulness of the event to the attendee. This helps create a synergy with the event attendee, get references and assistance for future events and maintain a long-term relationship with your event attendee.

Datanomic Solutions LLC Real-time Click Leads (RTC™) and contact information to you within 1 second of their clicking this feature will give you the cutting edge business model of contacting your prospects right when you know that they are deliberating the details of your offerings.